Teaching as primary instructor

I am currently teaching Biomedical Ethics as the primary instructor.  A syllabus is available here.


Here are some sample syllabi for courses I'd like to teach:

-- An introductory course on the history of Early Modern philosophy (syllabus)

-- An upper division undergraduate seminar or graduate seminar on skepticism (syllabus)


Taught as teaching assistant

2017  History of Modern Philosophy, J. Humphreys
2016  Introduction to Philosophical Problems, A. Marushak
2016  Political Philosophy, J. Milburn
2015  Hume, B. Stroud*
2014  Introduction to Existentialism, G. Strom
2013  Philosophy and Public Issues, M. Kessler
2012  Existentialism in Literature & Film, H. Dreyfus*


* indicates taught at UC Berkeley